Rid Your Car of Those Unpleasant Smells

At Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington, we want your driving experience to stay pleasant. Unpleasant odors can develop in a car for any number of reasons. Sometimes spills on the carpet lead to mold, and pet accidents can also leave a lingering odor. If you find yourself unable to rid your car of such odors, try these tips.

Many car owners attempt to remove odors with room fresheners, but they only mask an odor. In the case of strong odors, you may end up with an equally unpleasant combination of freshener and stench. The lasting solution is to treat the problem area with an odor eliminating product available at home or car-supply outlets. They chemically neutralize the source of the smell.

Be sure to clean your vehicle periodically as well. A carpet shampoo and vacuuming will often eliminate or greatly reduce an odor that has developed.



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