The Volkswagen Golf is a full size and roomy passenger station wagon. That said, this vehicle isn't the station wagon of old. The Volkswagen Golf SportWagen packs at least 170hp of turbocharged fury under the hood and also includes a number of useful and fun features.

The Volkswagen Golf provides drivers with the turbocharged power that comes with a 1.8 L engine. This engine is capable of putting out a minimum of 170hp, and this power is ably backed up by the proprietary all-wheel-drive service. The AWD service sends power to the wheels that need it most during high-energy maneuvers. In addition, drivers who seek more torque can trust this car to deliver.

The new Golf SportWagen isn't just about power though. This wagon includes 60/40 rear seat folding capability that allows up to 66-feet of cargo space in the rear. Such levels of space allows Golf owners to transport a wide variety of items.



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