Get into the details of most vehicles and you will find out if they are front or rear-wheel drive. Before you buy your next vehicle here at Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington, you need to know which type of drive fits your needs best.

Front-wheel drive cars tend to be more economical than their rear-wheel drive counterparts. That's because they are simpler to design and build. Plus, they usually have better fuel economy. If you drive in rain or snow, FWD vehicles offer better traction control. FWD vehicles can be more difficult to handle because they are heavier upfront.

Rear-wheel drive vehicles offer better handling and weight balance compared to those with FWD. They have a simpler design that stands up to more wear and tear. RWD vehicles, however, do not perform well in low-traction conditions like snow and rain. See the difference yourself by test driving both styles here in Bloomington, IN.

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