There are many types of suspension systems on the road today. Most vehicles, like the Volkswagen Passat, use a combination of system designs to provide a safe and smooth ride. The Passat is designed for highway and city driving and gives the smoothest ride on hardened surfaces like pavement or concrete.

To create the smooth ride the Passat is famous for, Volkswagen engineers use an independent strut system with an anti-roll bar to balance the forces that always impinge the front wheels. In the rear of the vehicle where unpowered wheels tend to drift, the Passat uses coil springs along with a rear anti-roll bar to keep the wheels gripped to the roads inside Bloomington, IN and on the highway.

When you bring your Volkswagen Passat to Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington for servicing, we always check out your suspension systems to ensure the safety of your, your family, and other drivers on the road.

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