Make the Most of Your Seasonal Auto Service

In the warmer months, our vehicles tend to be neglected so that we can make as much of the beautiful weather as we can. We want to spend the season taking our kids to places they can't go to year-round or we make plans to travel out of state to visit a new place or to see family. Prior to getting on the road though, you should check the seasonal maintenance that should be done on the vehicle before leaving to go on vacation.

The brakes should be inspected to make sure that they are working as they should. The brakes will need to be replaced when the pedal starts to go closer to the floor or when you can hear squealing coming from the brakes. If your brakes take a minute to come to a stop, you should have them checked and if they need to be done, it would be best to do it before they fail completely.

Additionally, our Volkswagen service team will check out your oil, filters, belts and hoses to ensure a safer driving experience. Come to Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington before your next adventure!

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