When Your Exhaust System is Not Working Properly

When your car is sounding more like a loud tank than a car, it's time to consider that you have a problem with your muffler. If you notice that your car also has a strong odor coming from it while you are driving, you probably have a leak in your exhaust system.

Problems with your exhaust system can cause your car to lose power while you are driving, struggle to accelerate, and use more gas than normal when trying to compensate for the extra work it needs to do. If your vehicle shows signs of an exhaust leak, head over to Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington and we will take a careful look at your vehicle.

When you drive around with an exhaust leak, you will be causing air pollution and driving a vehicle that is no longer fuel efficient. Get your car repaired today so that you don't have to wonder what the loud noise is coming from.



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