Service Your Car’s Fluids so Your Ride Will Service You

While most car owners know that engine oil – also called motor oil – is the fuel outside of gas or petroleum that lubricates the moving parts of the engine, not all of them know about the other handful of fluids that are present in vehicles, including yours. Today, we will touch over the basics of brake and power steering fluids.

When you press down on the brake pedal – the one opposite the "skinny" pedal – you should find the calipers clamp down on the wheel, causing it to slow down or completely stop. Brake fluid is the component of the braking system that allows it to transfer such a signal. Power steering fluid helps people steer. If it gets low, your wheel might creak, crack, or make other unorthodox noises.

Want a mechanic to check out the fluids under your hood and throughout your vehicle? Come by Royal Volkswagen of Bloomington for a fluid service. Don't be scared to ask; we love to help!

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